Monday, 9 April 2018

‘...the idea of a private language, which brought thought out of its grotto in the head into the public square where one could look at it, his notion of a language game, which provided a new way of looking at it once it arrived there –as a set of practices- and his proposal of “forms of life”’. Geertz, on Wittgenstein (2000).
North South East West.

‘…the writers we are willing to call master 
are those who seem to us finally to be saying what we feel 
we have long had on the tip of our tongue 
but have been ourselves quite unable to express, 
those who put into words what are for us only inchoate motions, tendencies, and impulses of the mind, then I am more than happy to acknowledge Wittgenstein as my master.’ Geertz, C. (2000).

‘The answers to our most general questions – 
why? How? What? Whither? – 
to a degree they have answers, are to be found in the fine detail of a lived life.’ 
Geertz, C. (2000).

Philosophy and anthropology, in an oblique and implicit competition, which is porous and imperilled, fragile and under siege. Geertz, C. (2000).

Drawing in bed, getting to be a bit of a habit.
I'm waiting for the sun to come out
and warm the studio;
and I'm getting better, stronger, more energy.

Geertz, C. (2000) Available Light. 
An ambition to connect just about 
everything with everything else. 
No borders.

Unconscious judgements and decisions
Freud, S. (1915). The unconscious

more interrupted patterns 

Sunday, 10 December 2017