Sunday, 10 December 2017

sketches for  Approaching Nocturne 

flying geese vesion


echoing themes from the 'mourning handkerchief' series 

not sure about the colour, it was an experiment, I like it better momochrome.

not sure this one works either - not the colour
could be a feminist statement from the 'Subversive Stitch' by Rozsika Parker

nine patch red cross, very quilty in theses colours

flying geese

storm at sea

                                                                            ocean waves
storm at sea

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Drawing in Bed Series
the beginning of the journey 

sketches like weavings, tapestries, embroideries.

threads of convergence and divergence 

drawing as thinking,  process drawing

matrices of thought of pattern, of interrupted pattern

drawing as repetition, drawing as a marker of time

drawing as rhythm

generative art

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Kirkstall Abbey

Roundhay Park


this one was an echo of work I did in 2014
the Mourning Handkerchief Project.

another Mourning Handkerchief 
Frances Ann;Mourning Handkerchief 10: Negative Space Pyramid. Presence of an Absence.  There has been a growing presence of an absence. Like someone just around the next corner whom I never quite catch up to. Like a mistiness about the places in the house where he always sat. I can't look at them straight but from the corner of my eye I feel the presence of an absence. Waking from a dream of a conversation so real but realising that it can't ...

adding a colour to the black.

Looms and views at Bradford Industrial Museum