Sunday, 12 June 2011

Asiatic Pheasant

dreams of the asiatic pheasant birds

willow pattern teacup and saucer

crumpet warmer

Pinched beaker in white stoneware, St Francis, Our Lady of Sorrows, a peacock with the miracle of the fishes on its tail, the guineapigs, squeaky and Gineassa (rip), and the san damiano crucifix in a willow tree.

St Joseph's Pudsey

12 phases of the moon for the 12 Apostles, with the sun/ son/ eucharist in the middle. the alpha and omega, the 2011, the 3 crosses from Calvary.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

My overwhelming collection of tat-shop pottery is taking over my studio. Makes good props though, and I have a project in mind. First drawing and painting individual cups and their patterns....then? Who Knows???

Ahh the Blessed Virgin and all the Saints know exactly how long this project took.

The hand knotting with cotton cording took a while to work out. I used a metal skewer as a third hand to hold open a loop as I wrapped the knots.

Initialled rosaries

Cute bag to finish it off. Just needs a blessing.

Poncho Panache, project number 2

Crumpet Warmer: Asiatic Pheasant, 1840.

These pottery pieces are my much loved pottery collected and used as props in my studio for drawings and paintings and ceramics.

As a trained potter I can appreciate the forms, the engraving of the decals, the softened cobalts of the Victorian era, the use of these pots by the hands of women.

For cooking, for serving, for feeding, for sharing, for family, for community. These pieces represent a shared past, a domestic history, a secret history.

Some drawings made from the Cresswell Hoarde.

This is the beginnings of jewellery making under the guidance of Chris Phillipson, in his Coneythorpe studio.

Very excited, made this shiny thing!!!!

This is a collection of sea pottery I collected on Ardnamurrachan Point, Scotland. It reignited my love of ceramics...we are on a journey.

These were an amazing find from Cresswell, nr Morpeth. A piece of land being erroded by the sea revealed these Victorian ceramic fragments, some older. I called theis the Cresswell Hoarde

These were geat christmas gifts

a batch of hearts

ceramics based on the sashiko stitch drawings

hand knits using american quilt block patterns as inspiration, changing colourways and using them in repeat strips of pattern
naomi modelling some cozy wrist warmers

Nathaniel modelling my poncho panache