Friday, 9 May 2014

mourning hanky

Mourning Hankerchief 9 - negative space circle. Vintage linen hanky (donated by E. Dalby) with hand tatted edging, altered and completed in charcoal and dove grey embroidery silk. 

Today there was a hole in the conversation at the breakfast table and the cross-word book remained unopened for the third month in a row. 

Storm clouds over Scarborough
It's a rainy day in late winter. The sky is the colour and texture of breeze tossed milkweed fluff.  The wind catches up the sea and beats it down against the North Cliff promenade sending sight seers scattering in a fume of sea spray and a roar of water as it smashes and rebounds - evaporating into ever smaller drops and mists and atoms of water and becomes ozonous gasses that smell salty as we breathe it in - standing at a safe distance full of chips and milky tea.

porcelain weights and dress bags

using porcelain to weight down the pattern pieces saves nasty pin marks in the satin. 
The pieces hang safely in a dress cover.

Duchess satin in ivory and flower garden lace for Zuzi's dress.

thinking about Braques

New Home Janome, thinking about Braques
Black 3

The kind of snax essential for making a wedding dress. I had pistachio cake with vanilla frosting and a green tea - Zuzie has gluten free bakewell slice and black coffee. Later I have a tiramisu cake and a small simnell - well we are still in the octave of Easter.

Cutting the satin and lace for the wedding dress

mourning handkerchief 9

the making of mourning handkerchief 9

paschal candle for St Joseph's Pudsey

St Joseph's paschal candle 2014 - baptism, the scallop baptismal shell, the alpha and omega, symbols of the baptismal promise that we are all priest (the stole), prophet (the ten commandments) and king (the crown) and the baptismal waters, the river Jordan.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Mourning Handkerchief 8 - small negative space square, cotton perle on cotton lawn,

Mourning Handkerchief 7, negative space square; from a collection of vintage hankies donated by E Dalby, altered and  sewn with cotton perle,  by Frances Ann

measure twice cut once

The wedding dress begins for Zuzie's wedding - measure twice cut once.

paintings some black, some red some neutrals

Triangles, Needles from a mental health unit and Black 1 - thinking about Whistler's Noctourne in Black and Gold.