Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Rolling Forest

Russian doll-head

Russian Doll cabinet with Godzilla and Porziuncola maquettes.

Tea knives

sahiko stitched fabric drawing

generative drawings

quilted process drawing

quilt block paterns and Rauchenberg

1896 jacks

quilts quilts quilts

access studio

Process or generative drawings, based on a quit stitch called Sashiko. close set parallel lines of running stitch.
The drawing hand imitates the repetetive action of the needel and thread.

the lines create optical ripples.

Monday, 21 June 2010

mould for a new piece, to be slipcast in bone china.
quilts, john bell conference, tunnocks caramel wafer, icon, what is mu number?

gorgeous lustre-ware egg-shell thin china a Wedgewood cup and a Davenport saucer

more casting. must buy a funnel for pouring and an inner tube for holding the mold together.