Saturday, 19 April 2014

detail of mourning handkerchief

Detail - Mourning Handkerchief 4. A vintage linen square, donated by Miss Dalby stitched with split embroidery cotton.

Details of the stitch-drawings on the Mourning Handkerchiefs.

Details of the next 6 slides - close ups of the stitch-drawings. From the top Mourning Handkerchief 6 and close up, Handkerchief 5  - the Book, the next two are details of handkerchief 3, handkerchief 2 and finally handkerchief 1. 

Sashiko stitched mourning handkerchieves

Mourning Handkerchiefs, sashiko stitched thoughts. From the top Mourning Handkerchief 6 - circle, Handkerchief 5 - The Book, Handkerchief 4 - text, Handkerchief 3 texture, handkerchief 1, and handkerchief 2 the orange one.