Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Holy House Smyrna Turkey
green study
tempera tests
beginning of a Rublev study

October at the studio

Majorcean august
Majorcean ephemera

single glove project, Bowes Lyons museum, 1700s.
majolica ware
1800's quilting and patchwork

automata of a spinning lady 

decoupage tray
1920's hairpins collection

tulip block

Grape Basket

Grandmothers fan

Ram Pliers

red and white quilt

the 3 year red and white quilt
Medallion centre from st Marys Wycliffe
edges and the backing

rose of sharon
                                                                  strip rail and rail fence

The Cockerel and the the Lost pottery Girl

Chapter 2; 
The story of the Cockerel and the Lost Pottery girl
Lost Pottery Girl journeys for ten long years. 
She travels through the land of Dreams 
and comes at last to the shore of Semi-Wakefulness 
where the Cockerel is waiting for her.

Lost Pottery Girl and the the Butterfly Cockerel

Mistress Marigold Macfadyen 
in the Museum of Memory 
Pottery Girl 

Log cabin
Card trick
Dutchwoman's puzzle

The Story of the Cockerel and the Lost Pottery Girl
The Pottery Girl sets out on a journey  

He waits for ten long years. 
Always looking and looking for Lost Pottery Girl, 
she is so far away. He waits patiently, longingly.

The Cockerel tell Lost Pottery Girl the 3 tasks she must complete in order to make her escape 
One day they will be together 
but for now they only exist in the land of dreams.

sampler quilts

tumbling blocks
Maple Leaf

court house steps

dip pen and ink illustrations

O'Donnell Girls have Big Legs

flying cupbird

Fox Mama

Pottery Girl

sampler patchwork

Trip around the world
Hwiian applique
Honey Bee

happy baby