Friday, 23 January 2015

I've been doing some research into oil glazing, working with Marcia Brown, its a bit slow, but I like the depth and translucency it gives.

cloud and light paintings.Based loosely on photos of the sky taken in  Orkney last year.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Room, floating space, expanded space room,
 reaching, insisting
It is there is is here in my memory
it is behind every door.

Atkinson Grimshaw's Room
The secret room, the forbidden room, 
Blue Beards lair,
the room of expanded space.

smoke in the gloom
light catching the motes of a peat fire in the midst of darkness
ash in light and dark.

paintings and chalk drawings, thinking about white light, fog. 
the sun through fog
heavily veiled light diffused through mists.

experiments with charcoal, oil pastel and gouache
from the 'Drawing a Day' sketch book, pages from December.

from the 'Drawing a Day' sketchbook
working with prismatic blacks on coloured ground, thinking about the way colour effects black and the work of Helen Frankenthaler and Ad Reinhardt  who paintin colour and prismatic blacks in coloured layers.

New Years eve paintings
still searching looking for exploring
clouds, fog banks, mist.