Friday, 26 February 2016

Re painting the flames.

Thinking about flames

I was thinking about our Lady of Guadalupe
How she has flames all around her
The flames are like a body halo, or aura or energy pulse

Wavy flames, flat flames, equal height flames, alternate shirt and long flames, ribbon flames.
Her hands raised in orans – prayer
This icon is proving that what I thought I know I don’t know, in fact I know nothing
I have started again
More than once
And that accident with a pan of onion gravy
Leaves me unsure even after sanding whether a stain of animal fat may reappear on the surface
Of a suspect rough patch turns out to be an onion skin forgotten until some damp weather
Curls it out of the picture frame.

Our Lady’s head needs to be bigger,
One sleeve is lower than the other
I don’t think this can this be interpreted as immodest?
Our Lady of the Rolled up Sleeves
Working lady
Down to business lady
Not afraid to get her hands dirty – lady
The flames are higher than the mountain – is this distracting?

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