Friday, 11 March 2016

Note to self when painting an icon.

The lettering to straighten up
Mary’s halo to erase -  half, no all of it
and repaint
Scraped and re-measured - the halos to tidy up
the gilding
with a knife.

This is the third major hack-back. At this point.
The onion gravy incident
The gold over-shoot
The wonky lettering
The flames, at least three different styles of flame
Mary’s head
Mary’s hands
Mary’s face
The mountain

The halos. 
There are so many things wrong with this element alone, 
the initial measuring, 
the over thick application on size making the gold wrinkly.

This is a pure and simple case
Of doing things, 
that is the steps
Of icon painting
In the wrong order.

Trying to use an accurate instrument on a wonky circle is challenging
Just do it right in the first place and all will be well.
A bit like quilting
The seams Have to be perfectly matched up, 
accurately cut, 
correctly pinned, 
expertly sewed
It all has to be right or it ruins the pattern
It messes the whole thing up.
The circle of the halo must be drawn accurately.


  1. I really love the poetic critique of one's own artwork - nice to know that I am not the only artist who analyzes their artwork like this. Keep at it!